IMG_8786Unleashed’s Puppy Rescue Organization
To date, Unleashed has rescued over 400 puppies from the Urgent Lists of high kill-shelters in rural areas all over the country, preventing the dogs from being euthanized.

When Dr. Stacey Radin originally met with middle-school girls to begin formulating the Unleashed program, animal rights and welfare was repeatedly identified as the cause they were passionate about.

The rescue organization is an integral part of the Unleashed program, providing girls with:

  1. Firsthand experience with the injustices faced by animals
  2. An opportunity to channel their passion to create change
  3. A service learning experience that strengthens their sense of community and sisterhood

As a result of their experiences with the Unleashed rescue organization, girls are able to craft powerful messages for their educational awareness campaigns while gaining a deeper understanding of the colossal epidemic of overpopulation, neglect, and abuse occurring in the United States.

bryant772Unleashed has less than a 1% puppy re-homing rate over the past 5 years due to our adoption protocol and the support and resources we provide to our adoptive families throughout their dogs’ lives. We mitigate risks throughout the rescue process, providing each and every puppy with proactive health and temperament evaluations, thereby ensuring the safety and happiness of both the dog and the family.

We are continually seeking foster and forever homes for our puppies. Whether you are interested in offering a temporary placement for one of our puppies or you are ready to add a furry member to your family, please visit the Foster page or the Adoption page for more information.