Unleash Your School
Unleashed accommodates the needs of middle schools, both public and private, in all five boroughs of New York City.

Jelissa, Milena, CarolinaSince launching in 2011, Unleashed has partnered with the following schools:
Children’s Storefront (coed private school, Harlem)
Clinton School for Writers and Artists (coed public school, Manhattan)
IS 93 (coed public school, Queens)
IS 94 (coed Beacon School, Queens)
Kappa IV (coed public school, Harlem)
Lab School for Collaborative Studies (coed, Manhattan)
M7 (coed public school, East Harlem)
MS 577 (coed public school, Williamsburg)
New Heights Academy (coed Charter School, Washington Heights)
Nightingale-Bamford School (girls’ private school, Manhattan)
Poly Prep (coed private school, Brooklyn)
Urban Assembly Institute for New Technologies (coed public school, Harlem)
Young Women’s Leadership Network School: Astoria (girls’ public school, Queens)
Central Synagogue (monthly program in religious school as part of social justice curriculum)

Bring Unleashed to Your School
Unleashed is rapidly expanding in the New York City area. If your school is committed to female empowerment and social change, our CEO will help customize the Unleashed program to suit your school’s culture and population.

To get started, it takes just one Champion who will:

  • Act as a liaison throughout the program.
  • Secure an on-site location for weekly meetings.
  • Coordinate any Unleashed activities the team designs for their school community.
  • Communicate with families of program participants, sharing necessary information and updates.

Unleashed partners with the Champion to help ensure the program’s success and will:

  • IMG_6295Help identify and recruit a co-coach, typically a guidance counselor, school psychologist, social worker, or teacher.
  • Conduct a school-wide presentation for the girls, explaining the program, our expectations, and the commitment required to participate.
  • Manage registration and selection of participants in collaboration with the school’s Champion.
  • Provide an orientation for participants to launch the program.

Please contact info@unleashedny.org to learn more about program costs, grant awards, and fundraising strategies to help bring this transformational program to your school or community.