Our Impact:
Unleashed_2Unleashed makes a lasting impact on our participants. After graduating, many girls have a heightened sense of power, passion, and purpose that transfers to other areas of their lives. Teachers, parents, and administrators notice a striking difference in Unleashed girls that is visible in their communication skills, confidence, and classroom participation, as well as in their willingness to take risks and take on responsibilities independent of adults. These skills, which align with the National School Counselors Association’s competencies for children Kindergarten through 12th grade, are fundamental to achievement in school and in life.

Our goals for participants are that they:
1. Strengthen Personal Power—Girls identify core values and beliefs, leverage their strengths, develop self-awareness, increase insight and self-mastery, and increase their overall emotional intelligence.

2. Develop Relational Power—Girls develop empathy and practice the art of giving and receiving feedback. Communication skills are strengthened; they work interdependently as a team, collaborating with a diverse group of girls; and they recognize the impact they have on others.

Girls at the dog wash3. Increase Assertive Power—Unleashed participants learn to advocate for others, take action, defy the status quo, take a stand even if they are the lone voice in the room, design and execute a project, innovate, and manage setbacks.

4. Gain Deeper Understanding of Social Change—Our girls learn to diagnose a social issue; identify the root causes of the problem in order to create innovative and sustainable solutions; and explore possible consequences to society if the issues are left unchanged.

5. Achieve Expertise in Animal Rights and Welfare—Unleashed provides an innovative approach to humane education that is incorporated into the program. Girls become experts in the issues they are exposed to throughout the 12 weeks; in turn, they take on the responsibility to be ambassadors, sharing their knowledge with others.