Our Core Values
GirlsCollaboration Community Competence Diversity Empathy Empowerment Integrity Respect
Over the course of our 12-week after-school leadership development program, Unleashed girls work together to gain hands-on experience as social activists. Through the conduit of animal rights and welfare, Unleashed provides an opportunity for girls to create change and bring about social justice and civic engagement.
Cultivating these powerful tools at a critical juncture in adolescence has a tremendous impact on the lives of our girls and on their communities. Unleashed graduates leave the program with critical leadership tools they will continue to use throughout the course of their lives.
Unleashed girls are and will continue to be:

  • Unleashed_1Empowered to pursue their interests and future aspirations
  • Leaders in school and other contexts
  • Role models and ambassadors, mentoring and championing other girls and women
  • Engaged in service in their world
  • Advocates in support of social justice and equity