What is Unleashed?
Unleashed is a social justice and leadership program that transforms the lives of middle-school girls. Unleashed empowers girls to take a stand against an injustice they care deeply about and advocating for animal rights and welfare in the process. At a pivotal time in their lives, girls learn to advocate for others; think critically about a complex social problem; and, most importantly, gain confidence in their ability to lead and effect change.

How are the Unleashed puppy rescue and program aligned?
Unleashed runs its own puppy rescue, which allows girls in an Unleashed program to interact directly with the puppies they are advocating for. During the 12-week program, girls spend time with newly rescued puppies, placing them in foster homes and helping connect the puppies to their forever home.

How much interaction do girls have with puppies?
Girls have an opportunity to participate in at least 3 puppy rescues. We rescue litters of puppies (4–8 pups at a time) typically between the ages of 8–20 weeks old. Throughout the Unleashed program, our girls are heavily involved with the puppies and are responsible for naming puppies, recruiting foster and adoptive homes, and hosting puppy supply drives.

Each rescue is roughly 2 hours and the girls are responsible for playing with, feeding, and cleaning up after the puppies. The girls observe the behavior of each puppy that enters Unleashed and share these observations directly with foster families. Foster families pick up puppies directly from our Unleashed girls.

How can I enroll my daughter or student in an Unleashed program?
If the Unleashed program is not already available in her school, please contact info@unleashedny.org to find out how to Unleash your school or community!

What schools qualify to become an Unleashed partner?
Unleashed will partner with any school, public or private, that can meet the requirements of sponsoring a site.

I want to volunteer with Unleashed. What opportunities are available?
Unleashed is a grassroots organization that is largely successful because of its volunteers. We welcome not only volunteers who are able to make a regular commitment to Unleashed, but also those who are seeking short-term projects. Our volunteers do everything from sitting on committees to working at a puppy rescue, to supporting the Unleashed program and the girls.

Please visit our volunteer page for more information and to fill out an application.

How can I adopt a puppy from Unleashed?
The first step of adopting a puppy is to fill out the application available on our website . After you submit your application, an Unleashed adoption counselor will set up a time to speak with you.

What do the girls do in the program?
The Unleashed program is an integration of leadership development, social-emotional learning, and activism. Our program is led by master’s-level certified coaches who have an expertise in development. All of our coaches are trained in the Unleashed models of social justice and power.

During the Unleashed 12-week after-school leadership program, participants will develop the critical tools necessary to navigate complex social issues. We provide Unleashed girls the opportunity for hands-on leadership skills through our puppy rescue program. Grounded in a cause they truly believe in, animals rights and welfare, the Unleashed program enables our girls tp take ownership of projects with tangible results and gain a sense of confidence.