In order to advance gender equality there needs to be a movement that narrows the divide among girls and women, creating a strong central community.
“What if we brought women and girls together to experience a day of igniting power, passion and purpose, grounded in the philosophies and theories of Brave Girls?”
…And from that burgeoning question, The Brave Summit was born.
The concept for the Brave Summit is a culmination of Stacey’s work over the past 16 years, from starting with her leadership work with women executives and entrepreneurs, continuing with the research she conducted examining women and power, founding Unleashed and igniting power in over 500 adolescent teens and then publishing Brave Girls.

When Brave Girls was released, Stacey spent the last year speaking to many different audiences. She found that despite age, the core conversations were not only very similar, but, each generation was surprised to discover that those synergies existed. She found herself pollinating this information from group to group and realized there was a real need to bridge generations of women together for multiple reasons. Each generation has the potential to add value to others. There is an absence of cross generational mentoring and relationships that could be mutually beneficial. Her perspective has always been that there is a trajectory from girlhood to womanhood and the missing link in women’s advancement is connecting the dots between the two.



The Brave Summit is a subsidiary of Unleashed, a 501c3 organization that empowers adolescent girls to recognize their power and use it effectively by advocating for animal rights and welfare. The Brave Summit conference registration fees support Unleashed and are 100% tax-deductible. To browse our comprehensive list of break-out sessions and register for the conference please click here.