Our Vision:
Unleashed is investing in the next generation of powerful female change-makers.

Our Strategy:
Through the 12-week Unleashed program, girls learn to diagnose a social challenge, dig deep beneath the surface to address the root causes, and learn to create change. Through the conduit of animal rights and welfare, Unleashed girls develop:

  • A capacity to identify and leverage their strengths
  • Ways to communicate effectively to advocate and defy the status quo
  • The tools to engage others in their cause
  • Skills to implement change that creates lasting impact

Our Goal:
AnnieAudience3Unleashed helps girls establish templates for leadership, civic engagement, communication, self-awareness, and positive interpersonal relationships that will ultimately affect their futures. Unleashed girls develop a deep understanding of animal rights and welfare and see firsthand the synergy that exists between animal rights and human rights. They see how the issues faced by animals reflect society’s larger problems.
Our Progress:
Unleashed graduates finish the program feeling unbelievably powerful; they realize they have the ability to positively impact their community and can make a difference in the world.
To date, Unleashed has impacted more than 300 girls and rescued approximately 400 dogs as a result of the program.