Every puppy needs a loving home

Girls who participate in the Unleashed program learn that half of all dogs in shelters are destroyed because there is no one to adopt them.  They discover that we rescue our puppies from shelters in the rural areas of the country where severe overcrowding has resulted in even more dogs being euthanized each year.  They also learn that animal welfare reflects other social problems, such as poverty, lack of education, bias, and prejudice.  And then they discover that they can make a difference.  And so can you.  Here’s how.

Foster a Puppy. Without foster homes, we cannot rescue puppies from overcrowded, rural shelters that desperately need our help. Find help more about how to foster a puppy.

Adopt a Puppy. Providing a loving home for a shelter pet can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences.  Here’s what you need to know about adoption, and how to adopt an Unleashed puppy.

Sponsor a Puppy. It costs $300 to rescue a puppy. You can help in two ways:

  • General Donation.  Your gift in any amount will be greatly appreciated. Make a donation now.
  • Pets4Pets.  A donation from your pet, or a donation in the memory of a beloved pet, will help Unleashed rescue more puppies and make your dog a hero.  Get the details.

Meet the Unleashed Puppies. Visit “puppy stories” and see pictures and read stories of the some of the Unleashed puppies who have found loving owners and homes.

Find puppies. You’ll find puppies that are available for adoption through Unleashed at the  Puppy Gallery.

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