In honor of women’s history month there was a quiz on Facebook that said “name these historical women..only one of 50 can name them all.”

I challenged myself to take the quiz, fearing it would be so hard and maybe if I didn’t score well I couldn’t call myself a feminist any longer! I took the plunge, hit the ‘finished’ button and immediately found out I had gotten them all right (now there are 2 of 50!) But after the initial “wow I got them all right,” the air slowly went out of my tires. I was left with the disbelief that most people couldn’t recognize significant women in our world!

“Why?” That’s the million dollar question! I thought a little bit harder and realized that from elementary school to high school, and including college, there was hardly ever a mention of a woman. Maybe once in a while Marie Curie or Pocahontas or Betsy Ross but always in the context of a male’s story. And, I stand corrected, I chose Marie Curie for a science class biography assignment.

Independent from school, I was intrigued with women who made a difference and have educated myself on the topic. And over time, being a fan of historical fiction, I have read many stories and asked “how come I have never heard of her?” over and over again.

Why is it that most curriculums and text books leave out the contribution women have made since the earliest of times? Our children aren’t receiving any information about the women’s rights movements let alone the mention of feminism (maybe because it is the other “F” word.) Yet, we continue to believe we’ve come along way as a means to reassure ourselves and focus on the bigger issues, right? Wrong! The fact remains that we are still wedded to archaic norms that are based on our society being a male dominated one.

In order to move the needle we must start looking at the underlying biases that still exist and unhinging ourselves from them.

So in honor of women’s history month, I encourage everyone to take our “powerful woman” challenge and learn more about one change maker who contributed to her world.

Let the challenge begin!