Get Involved
As an Unleashed volunteer, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse, inspiring group of individuals who want to create sustainable change, empowering young women while advocating for animal rights and welfare.

Ways to volunteer for Unleashed:

  1. vanessa MJ and meJoin a committee—Attend monthly committee meetings to support the operation of Unleashed
  2. Become an Unleashed Coach—Lead a group of girls through the Unleashed program
  3. Short-term volunteer opportunities—Take advantage of diverse projects with a spectrum of time commitments, ranging from volunteering at a fundraising event to adding support at Leads Day to helping with a puppy rescue
  4. Corporate / community group volunteer opportunities—Unleashed will gladly customize a volunteer opportunity for your corporate or community group

We welcome individuals committed to helping Unleashed develop strong female leaders and future change-makers. With your help, not only are we saving dozens of puppies from high-kill shelters but also we’re making a tangible difference in the lives of the Unleashed girls.

Join a Committee
If you are looking to volunteer on a regular basis and can commit to attending monthly meetings, Unleashed has several committees in need of volunteers.

Time Commitment: Monthly meetings (2 hours) and project work / events outside of meetings

  • Aja-&-EileenDevelopment Committee: Spearheads fundraising efforts, from establishing corporate sponsorships to engaging individual donors. This powerful group is always coming up with innovative strategies to help broaden our community of committed supporters.
    Please note: Individuals should be comfortable soliciting monetary donations and donations in-kind.
  • Events Committee: Plans and executes our annual fundraiser designed to celebrate our achievements and recognize a remarkable Unleashed participant with “The Diamond in the Ruff” award.
    Please note: Individuals must purchase a ticket to the annual fundraiser.
  • Marketing and PR Committee: Responsible for managing the Unleashed social media sites to build the visibility of the organization and spearheading media outreach and relations, in addition to producing our monthly newsletter and advising on Unleashed branding.
    Please note: Individuals should have some experience or a strong interest in marketing, PR, social media, or graphic design.
  • Rescue Committee: Supports the Unleashed puppy rescue organization by creating partnerships with animal-related professionals and businesses, engaging Unleashed adopters, and designing educational materials for puppy fosters and adopters.
    Please note: Only girls enrolled in the Unleashed program work directly with the puppies.

If you are interested in volunteering for an Unleashed committee, please fill out the Volunteer Application. If have questions about volunteering for one of our committees, please email

Become an Unleashed Coach
Unleashed is looking for qualified coaches dedicated to empowering middle-school girls and helping them develop critical leadership tools that will have a lasting impact on their lives.

Time Commitment: Several hours a week, including time spent meeting with your team of Unleashed girls.

Every Unleashed coach must meet our qualifications and is required to attend training in order to be certified in the Unleashed Program model.


  • Must have at minimum a master’s degree in counseling, social work, or psychology
  • Must attend a full-day Coach Training Orientation conducted by Unleashed
  • Must participate in the Unleashed training program:
    1. Observing one team throughout the duration of the 12-week program
    2. Attending weekly team debrief phone calls
  • Must be willing to be fingerprinted and have a background check
  • Must be passionate about girls’ leadership and empowerment
  • Must be willing to learn, have fun, and be inspired by our younger female generation

Once certified as an Unleashed coach, individuals are paid to coach a team and assigned a school that has registered for the program.

As an Unleashed Coach you will:

    • Help empower a team of 12–20 girls to take a stand against an injustice they care deeply about and advocating for animal rights and welfare in the process
    • Meet your team once a week for 1.5 hours over the course of 12 weeks.
    • Play an integral part in transforming the lives of girls by helping them create change
    • Lead by example and become a positive female role model
    • Connect with the girls and women who are part of the vibrant Unleashed community

If interested in becoming a coach, please fill out the Coach Application and email your application and resume to Dr. Stacey Radin. The selection process for training positions includes, a 30-minute informational call with an Unleashed senior coach, and a face-to-face interview.

Short-Term Volunteer Opportunities
The-Guys!--Ryan,-Stephen-&-AndyUnleashed relies on a number of volunteers to help us achieve our mission to empower strong female leaders and future change-makers. We value the contribution of each and every volunteer.
For those looking to volunteer on an as-needed basis we have a number of opportunities available including:

  • Check-in girls at a puppy rescue—Help us sign in Unleashed girls as they come to socialize the new puppies up for adoption. (Saturday mornings, twice a month)
  • Become an Unleashed foster family—Foster families are vital to Unleashed. We would not be able to rescue puppies from high-kill shelters without our dedicated foster parents who provide love and care for our puppies while we look for the perfect forever home. Fosters help set up visits with potential adopters and get to know the personality of each pup. Fosters supply: food, toys, wee wee pads, and care for up to 2 weeks. Please keep in mind that puppies require a great deal of attention and we require that they not be left alone more than 3–4 hours a day.
  • Provide puppy transportation—Accompany our CEO to pick up puppies in the New York / New Jersey area and bring them to our central location. Note: a car and driver’s license are required.
  • Help out at Unleashed Leads Day—Support Unleashed participants in the culmination of their Unleashed program on Leads Day. Leads Day is a social justice carnival designed by the girls to educate and inspire others to make a difference in animal welfare. While the girls lead the event, adult volunteers are necessary to help out at this event, which is held in January and May.
  • Volunteer at an Unleashed fundraising event—Help the Unleashed events committee at one of our fundraising events. It’s a great way to participate in a fun, social evening while supporting our amazing cause.
  • Become an Unleashed photographer—Unleashed is always looking for volunteer shutterbugs to snap high-quality photos at our various events. Photos are necessary for catching a rescue in action and of course for commemorating many of our various events.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the Volunteer Application. If have questions about volunteering, please email

Corporate / Community Group Volunteer Activity
Looking for an engaging teambuilding activity for your corporate or community group? Support Unleashed as we help groom a new generation of powerful female leaders and change-makers and save puppies from high-kill shelters. Unleashed has customized volunteer opportunities for Morgan Stanley, The New York Junior League, Girl Scout troops, and others. If you have a team of people interested in volunteering together, please email