Unleashed RFP Proposal Due June 30, 2019


This Request for Proposal (“RFP”) is to secure a grant for $20,000 from Unleashed, a program for middle school-aged girls, who, through their advocacy for dogs developed the skills to live a life of leadership and purpose.  The founder of Unleashed, Dr. Stacy Radin, passed away in 2018, and the Board of Directors is making this funding available as a one-time only grant to an organization with a similar mission and purpose.

This proposal must be submitted electronically to Shelly Wimpheimer (shellyw6tg@gmail.com) and Brian Radin (bradin@brianradin.com) by June 30, 2019.  The decision on the successful applicant will be made no later than August 15, 2019 with notification soon after. 

The following is a description of the Unleashed program from its website (www.unleashedny.org) in addition other information on the program can be found in Dr. Radin’s book, Brave Girls: Raising Young Woman with Passion and Purpose to Become Powerful Leaders.

Unleashed in Action

The Unleashed is an integration of leadership development, social-emotional learning, and activism. Our goal is to arm girls with the critical tools necessary to navigate complex social problems throughout the course of their lives. We believe in instilling a strong sense of self in our girls, and our methodology focuses on strengthening the core skills necessary for individual and collaborative leadership. After participating in Unleashed out girls have learned to embrace their power and develop a sense of self and identity:

  • Be authentic and stay true to their core values and beliefs;
  • Make a difference and create an impact in their world;
  • Use their voice and communicate effectively;
  • Step out of their comfort zone; and
  • Build a strong, diverse and cohesive community.

At its core, Unleashed is a 12-week after-school leadership program for middle-school girls that is led by master’s-level certified coaches with an expertise in development who are trained in the Unleashed models of social justice and power.

Adolescence is the ideal time for girls to develop the critical tools needed to be powerful females. Not only are girls at the crux of identity development, they are also experimenting and beginning to define who they are. Unleashed provides girls with positive templates for leadership, civic involvement, self-awareness, and interpersonal relationships that will impact their future.

Through the Unleashed program, girls develop a deep understanding of a social issue and learn to diagnose the root of the problem. They are able to see the relationship between society’s treatment of animals and larger social issues. As a result, Unleashed girls think critically about complex social issues and how to address them.  More importantly, they learn how to advocate for themselves and for others to create lasting change.

Our Curriculum

Through the vehicle of animal rights and welfare, adolescent girls have the unique opportunity to gain hands-on leadership skills. Unleashed provides girls the opportunity to take ownership, and empowers them to create an impact and make a difference in their world. By taking ownership of projects with tangible results, Unleashed girls gain not only confidence but also a sense of self-mastery.

Criteria for Funding

The Board of Directors of Unleashed is inviting non-profit organizations who meet the following criteria to apply for this funding:

  • Agency must be currently serving girls, preferably an adolescent population, from low and middle-income communities, in the NYC metropolitan area;
  • Your proposal should detail how these funds will be used to advance the mission of their organization and, such mission must be aligned with the goals and objectives of Unleashed (Note: This will be a major consideration in awarding the funding);
  • The organization must designate any programming using such funds as a dedication to Dr. Stacey Radin;
  • The funds must be used to support programming and may not be used for the purchase of capital items; and
  • The successful applicant agency must use its best efforts to incorporate the use of the existing Unleashed curriculum to enhance/complement their own (materials will be made available for review to assist in the completion of this RFP).

Instructions for Narrative:

Your proposal should be written in a narrative form and not exceed three typed pages. It should be attached to the completed cover sheet.  Also required in the hard copy submission are the following:

  • List of your agency’s Board of Directors,
  • Your most recent agency budget, including sources of funding,
  • Your expected budget for the program you are proposing, and
  • A copy of your most recent audit.

The narrative should include, at minimum, the following information:

  • Agency Mission
  • Agency’s top priorities for 2019:




  • How this request responds to the above priorities
  • Program description including, (i) total program’s goals, (ii) specific services to be offered, how frequently and over what time period, and (iii) number of clients to be served (if appropriate)
  • Why it is relevant to the Unleashed mission
  • The anticipated impact of the services to be offered
  • How you will measure the impact (evaluate the quality of) the services you are providing with this grant
  • What is your plan for the announcing the receipt of this grant

Reporting Requirements: A mid-year written report on the progress of the programming (including expenses) will be required by January 15, 2020 and a final report will be required on June 1st, 2020.

The grant will be made in two payments, the first thirty days after the award, the second ninety days following the initial grant.

Please complete this form and use it as the cover sheet for the proposal you are submitting. 

Name of Applicant Agency:

Address of Applicant Agency:

Phone:                                                                                                Email:

Website URL:                                                                                   NY Charities Registration No. (if applicable):

Executive Director:                                                                         Contact Person:

(for Program Management)

Phone Number:                                                                               Final Unleashed 2019 RFPEmail address:

Annual Budget for Prior Fiscal Year:

Unduplicated No. of Inds. Served in Prior Fiscal Year:

No. of Full-Time staff:                                                           No. of Part-Time Staff:

Thank you.

Why Unleashed Matters

Unleashed is committed to investing in  the next generation of powerful female leaders. There are many who are skeptical of such a goal; some like to claim that women have equal rights under the law, women have just as much freedom in modern America as men do, and there are many women in positions of power- they name female CEO’s, female government members, and cite the fact that we even have a woman running for president. There are people who say that feminists are complainers who insist on continuing to fight for something that was achieved 95 years ago with the passage of the 19th Amendment. An organization like Unleashed, they say, is moot.

Unleashed and its goals, however, are the farthest thing from unnecessary. Though it is true that women have equal protection under the law and that there currently are many female leaders in America, the female experience in 2015 remains tragically similar to that of the past. The amount of women in positions of power is not even close to equal to that of men; in 2010, only 8.4% of c-level positions were occupied by women.  Those few females who are in power today are often judged more on how they look than how they lead, talked down to and belittled, paid on average 78% of their male counterparts’ salaries, and accused of being “aggressive” while men who do exactly the same things are praised for being “assertive”.

We live in a complex system that in so many ways hinders women and stops them from becoming and succeeding as the strong leaders that they are capable of being. Issues plaguing this system range from beauty standards to rape culture to perceptions of female weakness, and in a generation in which such ideas are constantly, although not always consciously, being pushed on even the youngest of girls, Unleashed seeks to be part of a solution that will let girls grow up to be the powerful women they can and deserve to be.