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Break Out Session 2

  • Finding Your Voice through Yoga with Melissa Jhunja
  • Crossing the Generational Divide with Cordelia Bellinson, Fran Hauser, and Mary Olson-Menzel, moderated by Tina Atherall
  • Leadership is Not a Popularity Contest with Kelly Glynn, Janet Neal, and Ariel Hyatt, moderated by Danielle Kayembe
  • Passion and Purpose: That’s What Women Are Made Of with Cozy Friedman, Megan Grassell, and Natalya Guerra, moderated by Melanie Young
  • Playing “D”: Advocating for Self and Others with Mary Ann Forgey, Emily Lindin, and Catherine Dos Santos
  • Sistahood: Importance of All Female Communities with Joan Countryman, Tiffany Pham, and Molly Wills, moderated by Noni Thomas Lopez
  • Social Impact: Doing Biz with a Purpose with Christina Alfonso and Jennifer Walsh, moderated by Michele Risa
  • True Grit: Managing Adversity and Failing Forward with Jessica Burr, Lisa Morales-Hellebo, and Marquina Iliev Piselli, moderated by Belma McCaffrey
  • Women, The Myths, The Legends with Dorothy Devlin, Emmy Favilla, and Tasmai Uppin, moderated by Randi Salko
  • Let’s Talk About Sex Baby facilitated by Nancy Slotnick



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