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Break Out Session 1

  • Leadership 3.0 Building Enterprises and Careers That Soar with Leslie Grossman
  • Discover Your Life & Leadership Purpose with Patrice Tanaka
  • Play Like a Girl: Leveraging DNA with Lauren Foundos, Mya Kagan, and Petra Slater, moderated by Jenny Santi
  • Power of the Purse with Marina Buatti and Holly Hurd, moderated by Nina Boone
  • Sexism in the City: Are We Still Wedded to Archaic Stereotypes with Joanna Argudo, Danielle Kayembe, and Anthony Onesto, moderated by Vanessa LoBue
  • Stand UP: Advocating for Invisible Populations with Kylie Edmond, Alexandra Smith, and Lola Tung, moderated by Catherine Shugrue dos Santos
  • Brave Voices: Powerful Communication with Hallie Fawer, Lyn Slater, and Lindsey Turnbull, moderated by Dana Humphrey
  • He Says..She Says with Joan Countryman and Jack Myers, moderated by Contessa Brewer
  • I’m Not a Feminist But Culture with Emma Johnson, Grace McGrath, and Madelyn Murphy, moderated by Rachelle Kammer



The Brave Summit is a subsidiary of Unleashed, a 501c3 organization that empowers adolescent girls to recognize their power and use it effectively by advocating for animal rights and welfare. The Brave Summit conference registration fees support Unleashed and are 100% tax-deductible. To browse our comprehensive list of break-out sessions and register for the conference please click here.