Why Unleashed Matters

Unleashed is committed to investing in  the next generation of powerful female leaders. There are many who are skeptical of such a goal; some like to claim that women have equal rights under the law, women have just as much freedom in modern America as men do, and there are many women in positions of power- they name female CEO’s, female government members, and cite the fact that we even have a woman running for president. There are people who say that feminists are complainers who insist on continuing to fight for something that was achieved 95 years ago with the passage of the 19th Amendment. An organization like Unleashed, they say, is moot.

Unleashed and its goals, however, are the farthest thing from unnecessary. Though it is true that women have equal protection under the law and that there currently are many female leaders in America, the female experience in 2015 remains tragically similar to that of the past. The amount of women in positions of power is not even close to equal to that of men; in 2010, only 8.4% of c-level positions were occupied by women.  Those few females who are in power today are often judged more on how they look than how they lead, talked down to and belittled, paid on average 78% of their male counterparts’ salaries, and accused of being “aggressive” while men who do exactly the same things are praised for being “assertive”.

We live in a complex system that in so many ways hinders women and stops them from becoming and succeeding as the strong leaders that they are capable of being. Issues plaguing this system range from beauty standards to rape culture to perceptions of female weakness, and in a generation in which such ideas are constantly, although not always consciously, being pushed on even the youngest of girls, Unleashed seeks to be part of a solution that will let girls grow up to be the powerful women they can and deserve to be.