Welcome to our new Unleashed website!

We have been patiently waiting to launch this site for over a year and are so excited that the moment has come!  Feel free to look through the pages, discover what Unleashed really does and get information about how you too can be part of this movement to invest in the next generation of powerful female change-makers. Our blog will be updated every 2-3 weeks so stay tuned for the current posts by both the Unleashed girls and me. It’s a wonderful opportunity to hear the inside scoop from both our perspectives and keep informed about the organization. This year promises to be an exciting journey with the release of Brave Girls which will serve as the platform for us to head national! We are also continuing to innovate, creating new programming, customizing the core program for other populations and partnering with companies and other not for profit organizations who believe in our mission.  If you feel inspired, reach out and connect with us by email info@unleashedny.org or follow us on twitter, facebook and instagram unleashednyorg!

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Bideawee and Unleashed have developed a unique partnership that will enable program participants to receive additional training in shelter animals and volunteer regularly for Bideawee. January 10th is our first training session which will lead to Unleashed girls and adult volunteers working together each week in small groups to (1) socialize shelter animals (2) support adoption events (3) Do morning rounds: cleaning cages and feeding the cats and dogs in the shelter. Spring 2015, Unleashed will head to West Hampton to Bideawee’s Long Island facility, spending a full day making a difference for the lives of shelter animals.