Now is the time to Invest in Women and Girls

After 10 years of developing executive women and seven years of unleashing the power of adolescent girls, I know that as much as we have come so far in gender reform and equality, there is still so much work to be done. What lies ahead of us this critical year is to continue igniting passion, power, and purpose in our younger generation but also expanding our reach, using our philosophy and scientific model to develop other women. In 2017, we will launch Unleashed On Campus (piloting at Syracuse University); Unleashed Corporate (creating change in the workplace for women); Unleashed National: licensing our program, starting chapters in other cities; and customizing curriculum to specific populations such as women in the military, youth in foster care, women requiring a new leash on life and mothers (the leaders who greatly influence their communities.)

It is a very exciting time for Unleashed but we need your help to accomplish these goals! We need to raise $20,000 to launch these initiatives. The beauty of Unleashed is that every time someone invests in the larger mission, our secondary mission (advocating for animal welfare and rescuing dogs) is accomplished too! Animal and human rights movements are intertwined; the social epidemics we face trickle down to the least powerful member of our society.

Every donation counts and is greatly appreciated. Help us change the world; many are counting on us to do just that! Donate Now!