On October 10, 2018, Dr. Stacey Radin, the heart and soul of Unleashed, and its Founder, passed away.

Stacey was an incredible person whose positive effect was felt by hundreds including the girls that connected with her during their participation in Unleashed or those families she changed by bringing a puppy into their lives or those that were impacted by simply meeting and getting to know her.  Through the summer of 2018, over five hundred young women were graduates of Unleashed, and Stacey delivered to over 1,200 people, puppies that as many said, completed their families.

The culmination of her experiences with Unleashed was the publishing of her book, Brave Girls, Raising Young Woman with Passion and Purpose to Become Powerful Leaders. Brave Girls captures the essence of Stacey, and the book shares her lifelong theme, make a difference, and act with passion and purpose.

So many people have commented about Stacey, and some of their thoughts are below:

“As I write this letter I am tearful and I imagine there are hundreds of stories like our rescue and thousands of humans and animal lives Stacey has touched.  Stacey has lived a fuller life in 52 years than most live in 100. I am privileged and very fortunate to have had Stacey in my life and I know she will always be with me and what she taught me and most importantly how she made me feel, confidence will always be in my soul.”

“The world lost another great woman, Stacey you will be missed by many, thank you for your guidance.”

“I am utterly heartbroken, Stacey made the world a better place every day.”

“Stacey had a tremendous impact on our lives, we will forever be grateful for her work.”

“Stacey thank you for the lives you saved, you made a difference in this world.”

“Sadness grips me as I just learned a scholar, mentor/mentee, friend and beautiful soul has left us.”

“Thank you for being an amazing friend, mentor, an inspiration and changing the world for the better. Words cannot express what an incredible person you were, tons of girls will forever carry your mission.”

The original Brave Girl passed away, Stacey you were an inspiration in so many ways, the world will not be the same without you, but your legacy will live on in the countless women, girls and puppies whose lives you changed, thank you for giving so much of yourself to everyone around you, you will be deeply missed.”

As of this writing, former Board members and volunteers are identifying other organizations that have a similar mission to Unleashed, and will be determining how to best honor Stacey’s achievements.  As those next steps are defined, further communications will be posted to this Unleashed website.

Finally, if we all commit to living our lives in Stacey’s honor and upholding the values she exhibited in her life, the world will be a much better place for us all.